Monday, 16 April 2012

Designated driver

Just a quick update again, I wasn't going to blog tonight, but then my sister sent me a picture she took of Miss K this afternoon that I just have to share with you guys.

As today is shopping day Miss K and I spent our afternoon wandering the aisles of our local supermarket. Unlike most trips to the shops, Miss K was in a fabulous mood this afternoon and was more than happy to sit and watch the world go by. I didn't even need to pull out the lollipop I had packed to bribe her with if the screaming got too bad. Another difference today is my little sister met me at the supermarket so she could get a lift home, which probably helped keep Miss K cheerful as well. While I completed my shopping and checked out, my sister and Miss K went to the car to wait for me. Little did I know that when I got back to the car, this would be the sight that would be waiting for me.

Even though she can't see over the steering wheel, nor can she reach the pedals, I have every belief that she'd be a better driver than most of the people I come across on the roads these days.
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