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June Secret Subject Swap

Hello again my lovelies, and welcome back to yet another Secret Subject Swap. I am a part of Take Two of the June Secret Subject Swap (because this stuff is just so awesome it can't be contained in a single week) along with 11 other wonderful bloggers.

Secret Subject Swap
So for any of you who are unfamiliar with this series, what happens is that 12 brave bloggers each submit a secret subject for another person to write about, and in return they are given a secret subject to write a blog on. Then we all simultaneously post our blogs at the same time (or if you're like me and still can't figure out time zones, you post an hour late.)

So without further ado, let me introduce to you the other 11 lovely bloggers who you absolutely must check out once we're finished here.

So today my subject to discuss is "Describe the worst nightmare you have ever had and what you think your subconscious was trying to relay...if anything" and it was submitted by Akashic Aisles The Basement View

Ok so you are all going to think I'm crazy by the end of this post, because my family certainly does when I tell this story, which I do often for some reason. I've had lots of nightmares over the years, mostly bog standard stuff; people dying, getting lost, losing all of my clothes and having to walk around naked. But the only nightmare that has stuck with me my entire life was the most bizarre dream I have ever had, and not only that, it was a recurring nightmare. I call it The Onion Rain!!!

So the premise behind the dream was pretty simple. We were about to be hit with a freak storm of Onion Rain. With this rain, anyone who got hit by it would fly into the air and then flip around and come back down to earth upside down. Once you landed on the ground you were stuck upside down with your head buried in the earth like an onion. (Now given that I was in primary school at the time that this dream started, I have no idea how I knew how onions grew.) Mum and dad were madly rushing around trying to prepare for the storm, closing all the windows and blinds, making sure we had enough food to last us till the rain stopped, calling my grandma and making sure she stayed inside. All us kids were helping out too and it was all pretty scary. We were told that the rain was coming and we had about five minutes to get inside to safety before it would hit us. That was the point at which I remembered I'd left my bike in the front yard, and I had to bring it in to the bike shed quickly. There were probably two reasons for this, number one we were NEVER allowed to leave toys in the front yard, and if we did we would get into all sorts of trouble, and two; I didn't want my bike to turn into an onion. 

So I figured I had about five minutes to get into the front yard, grab my bike and take it to the shed halfway down the back yard. I started sprinting to the yard, got to my bike and that's when the rain decided to come. Four freaking minutes early dammit! I vividly remember the feeling of those first cold drops of rain, and the terror that rushed through me. Then before I knew it I was flying into the air above our rooftop, only to flip upside down and watch the earth rise up to meet me. I landed with my head firmly buried in the ground and my legs flailing around madly as I tried to free myself from being an onion. And that's the point where I wake up. Why I can't wake up before I become an onion I'll never know but damn that is one freaky dream. Especially when you're six and too young to understand that there is no such thing as onion rain. As you can tell, the dream has stuck with me, despite the fact that it hasn't returned since primary school.

As for what my subconscious was trying to tell me, I can only speculate now, but I have a few theories. It could have been telling me that life is fleeting, and I need to make sure I am truly prepared for what the future is going to throw at me, or it could have been saying that our environment is a delicate thing which needs to be respected in order to stop catastrophic disasters from happening. Or it could have been telling me that I need to take better care of my belongings otherwise I'll turn into an onion.

Now in the interests of science (or because Miss K is having a nap and I'm super bored right now) I actually found a dream interpreter and have looked up the symbols behind each of the important parts of the dream.

Onions represent the multitude of layers you need to get through in order to unveil what is really underneath. They may mean a revelation.
Getting rained on represents getting cleaned from your troubles and problems
To see a bike in your dream means that you need to devote more time to leisurely pursuits. (what part of a six year old's life isn't devoted to leisurely pursuits?)
To dream of a disaster means that you are anxious and fear change.

So it appears that I was pretty deep for a six year old. I now think that my dream was telling me that I needed to realize that change is nothing to fear, because they say that change is as good as a holiday, and according to myself, I needed a damn good holiday to get rid of my troubles and strife. How's that for interpretation?

Well now that I have relived one of my biggest childhood horrors, I'm off to throw out every single onion in the house  and lock myself in the basement. Be sure to check out the rest of the bloggers posting their subjects today, I promise you now you won't be disappointed.


Oh I also almost totally forgot that today, as well as being the most awesome day of the month because it's Secret Subject Swap day is also Karen from Baking in a Tornado's one year blog anniversary. (I was going to say blogiversary but that just sounds so wrong.) So to Karen, happy anniversary, congratulations to making it a year without going crazy coming up with new awesome recipes to share with us every week, and thank you for helping to bring together some of the most wonderful writers I have ever had the privilege to work with. Here's to you and many more years of success.

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Sorry, I started celebrating without you. That's me in the blue shirt and party hat.
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