Friday, 9 November 2012

Panic stations everyone

SHHHH I'm not here. I'm sitting very quietly doing my homework and not procrastinating by writing to you guys.

I know that again I have been very quiet since my last post which was days ago, but you see I have an exam next Wednesday, and just between you, me and that creepy guy standing behind you reading over your shoulder I am quietly pooping bricks right now. As of three days ago I didn't even know if I would be able to take my exam because when I logged onto my TAFE profile for the first time in almost a month, I found a message from Monday last week advising all students that if their first assignments weren't submitted by midnight that night, then they would automatically be unenrolled from the current unit and unable to sit the exam. I also found out that I had forgotten to advise my tutor which day I wanted to sit the exam and the first one was happening at 4:00 the next day. Whoopsie. Well all I could do was shoot off a quick email to the tutor explaining that I had been unable to get online in over a week thanks to the spate of medical emergencies that had been running through our house and ask for some leniency and a chance to submit my assignments before the next exam (which was coincidentally when they were actually due according to my calendar). Luckily for me I have the nicest teacher in the world because I was given the extension and booked in for the last exam which is happening in 5 days. AARGH!!!!!!

So the past few days have been madly spent finishing off the last of the book work that I hadn't gotten around to, typing up my assignments on my sisters computer (because mine chooses now to start acting up of course) and panicking because I still don't feel ready to be taking an exam. I have even managed to strain my left wrist with all of my frantic lifting of heavy books and holding calculators I have done over the past few days. That's how hardcore I am right now, I have damaged myself.

But as my final count down begins and with less than a week to go before I have finished school for the year, I have finished almost everything I need to do in order to pass this subject. I have one more chapter to read on payroll consolidation (I have no idea what that means so don't even ask) and that's all I can do for now. Of course that doesn't mean that I won't spend the rest of the time re-reading absolutely everything I've read before Wednesday afternoon, but what else am I going to spend my time doing, cleaning?? Please.

Luckily for me I have the absolute best family in the world, because they have all come to my assistance over the past few days in order to help make sure I am ready for my final curtain. Mum has again picked up the slack of the housework for me and made sure Miss K doesn't get ignored completely while I have my head stuck in my books, my big sister watched Miss K for me today so that I could get all of my assignments typed up and pretty looking for grading, and my little sister will be helping to keep an eye on Miss K on Wednesday while I drive to the exam which will be held 3 towns away from home. Even Miss K has started having slightly longer naps in the afternoon, meaning that I have had a little extra time every day to try and squeeze more work into. I will definitely be buying chocolates for each and every one of them once all of this is finished. And then I will spend Thursday getting all kinds of drunk and messed up because I WILL HAVE FINISHED SCHOOL FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!!!! Even the year 11 students will be finishing their exams after me!

Well that's enough procrastinating for now, the next time I come back, hopefully I'll be able to tell all of you just exactly what payroll consolidation means.

Until next time my wonderful readers, stay awesome.
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