Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Let the countdown begin...

So I currently have 15 hours to go before my big exam. I thought I would be more frantic or terrified right now, but I am surprisingly calm. And what's more I have been calm all day. I actually had a lovely day today. I spent the morning dodging revision shopping with mum and Miss K, and this afternoon after Miss K's nap we avoided doing homework went and visited one of my oldest friends, who coincidentally is also an ex boyfriend of mine. It was a very relaxed afternoon, if you ignore the amount of times I had to jump out of my seat to rescue various electrical appliances or musical instruments from Miss K's grubby fingers (my friend has a collection of guitars that I am quite envious of.) And once Miss K was fed and bathed and tucked up in bed I went and laid on my bed and fell asleep did some crossword puzzles.

I guess my reasoning behind not panicking right now and spending my last few hours re-reading all of my text books is probably the fact that this is in fact an open book exam, so even if I walk in not 100% sure of an answer I'll be able to look it up in a jiffy. Which kind of defeats the purpose of an exam if you ask me. But I'm not about to protest this by refusing to bring my books and calculator into the exam, I'm not a complete idiot you know.

I think the thing I am looking forward to the most once the semester is finished is being able to spend more time with Miss K without feeling guilty that I am neglecting my studies while playing with her. Even after spending the past 6 months juggling full time parenting with part time study I haven't managed to find the balance between the two, and something is always being left to the last minute. I have a horrible feeling that next years studies will require even more effort because we will start covering serious subjects like GST, which already does my head in. So it will take a lot of careful planning to make sure nothing and no one gets left behind.

But the next time you see me I will officially be on holidays, even though it doesn't really count around here, but I'm thinking of holding my own version of schoolies in my back yard. Now all I need to do is find a group of teenagers willing to get drunk and make total fools of themselves for my own entertainment. If any of you know someone, do let me know.

Well that's all from me for now, I really should get to bed if I expect to be coherent enough tomorrow afternoon to be able to put pen to paper. Wish me luck my lovely readers and I'll be back and ready to party soon.
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