Thursday, 6 September 2012

Some company for the inept crafters

So you are all aware of my recent obsession with Pinterest. I have all the boards, I pin things to them and occasionally I even do the crafts or recipes suggested there. So far I have been lucky that not a single project has been an out and out disaster. Sure things haven't always gone to plan, but I've never inadvertently set fire to my house or lost a limb while trying to turn a wine bottle into a vase. But sometimes it's disappointing when something you try doesn't turn out exactly like the pictures you've been following.

My mum knows exactly how I feel, as she has the same bad luck on occasion when she tries her hands at crafts. Now my mum can do amazing things with fake flowers and a bit of paint and glitter, but we still have a canvas stashed next to her bed that in her words looks like a five year old painted it. I happen to like it, and wish she had been able to finish her project, but it looks like it's not meant to be. So when I stumbled upon the website I had to show mum straight away.

The Pintester is a slightly twisted woman who spends the better part of her time providing entertainment for the pintally challenged rest of us by testing the pins you can find on Pinterest with often hilarious results. Now the language can be a bit blue at times, but it just adds to the humour of the site. This is a no holds barred site where she hides nothing. Not even her own uselessness in the kitchen. I find myself snorting with laughter at every new post she provides, as even if she manages to not completely screw up a pin, she can make success something to laugh at.

So the next time you try something new with absolute disastrous results, head on over to this wonderful site and feel a little bit better about yourself.
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