Wednesday, 26 September 2012

30 day challenge update

It's past that time of the week again, and I am sorry that this update is late, but I have been so busy making excuses as to why I couldn't do my work, I didn't have time to do my work. But without any further ado let us begin with the pretty banner.

So if the fact that this update is now two days overdue doesn't give you a hint as to how I am progressing, then let me fill you in. For anyone who wants to start at the beginning, check out this post here

While I am still determined to stop being a lazy slob and become the kind of person who doesn't have to worry exactly how long that bottle has been sitting there with dried milk inside it, putting my plans into action is proving to be just as hard the second time around. Just as a reminder, here are the jobs I set myself for this week.

Day 1 - Create a cleaning schedule for every job that needs to be done around the house. Organise the jobs into ones that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly etc and nominate a day that each job needs to be done

Day 2 - Get rid of at least ten things today. Throw them in the bin or take them to the second hand store, but get them out of the house

Day 3 - Power clean day. Set a buzzer for fifteen minutes and only clean until the buzzer goes off. Take a short break and repeat. Keep going until all your work for the day is complete. 

Day 4 - Tackle my bedroom and get it clean and liveable. 

Day 5 - Find one house hot spot (a place where junk always seems to end up) and clean it thoroughly

Day 6 - Find one cupboard that is full of junk and get it cleaned out and all unnecessary junk ready to be thrown in the bin or taken to the second hand store

Day 7 - Pick a room and wash all the walls from floor to ceiling. 

So as I mentioned on day 1 of last week, that job was easy, and has been done. Yay success! Day two not so successful. I have boxes and bags of things waiting to be donated to the op shop all around the house. But I didn't add anything new to these boxes on day 2, nor did I get the boxes out of the house. I'm pretty sure I threw out ten things while I was tidying up the lounge room on that day, but I think the point of that exercise was more than just get rid of all the wrappers from the chocolates I ate the night before. Day 3 was not a power clean day, I think it was more of a sit down and chat with all of the people who came over to visit day, as that is exactly what I did. All day. Day 4 came and went and my bedroom still wasn't liveable, I can't even remember what I did on day 5, but it certainly wasn't clean out any hot spots. Day 6 is a total blank. Did we even have a Saturday this week? Has someone been stealing my days and not telling me? Well if there was a Saturday this week it wasn't spent cleaning out any cupboards. Day 7 was slightly more productive, but not entirely to task. I managed to go through all of my hanging space in mum's wardrobe and sort out all of Miss K's dresses and my special occasions outfits, and I threw out a lot of things that are either out of fashion or way too big for me now that I have lost so much weight. We also got all of the walls in the lounge room washed, but that was only because we were painting this week and it had already been organised. 

So the first 7 days was kind of a bust. But I think I know why. I have realised I can't sit down a week in advance and schedule things so strictly as plans around here change so quickly it is impossible to know whether or not I will actually have time to do the things I want to ahead of time. So from this point on I won't be allocating a job for each day, I will be allocating jobs for a week, and hopefully doing it this way will promise a little more success. So my jobs for this week are as follows...
  • Take all of your clothes out of their drawers and cupboards and sort them into piles to be thrown in the bin, donated to the second hand store or kept. Only put away the clothes in the keep pile
  • Empty the freezer and throw out food that you no longer want
  • Wipe down every appliance in the house
  • Pick one room, wash all windows
  • Clean the hallway completely
  • Find another cupboard full of junk and empty it out
  • Pick a room and wash all the walls from floor to ceiling
So thanks to my spur of the moment wardrobe clean last week the first job is already partially done. I just have one chest of drawers to go through and empty out and the first job can be ticked off. Mum also got rid of a heap of the old food in the freezer yesterday, so that job should be fairly quick and easy too. The big jobs like windows and walls can probably be done tomorrow or the next day as we are meant to have some lovely weather coming up, so perfect excuse to start sloshing water around the house. 

So fingers crossed doing it this way is a little bit easier for me, and I'll report back to you guys again next Monday. (Unless I get distracted by something shiny again)

Well that's it for now, I'm off to bed finally, and I'll try again tomorrow.

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